GM hair design is an international awarding winning hair Salon, with world wide trained and recognised stylists, and designers of our own product ranges MHC and GM. We are hair artists, creating beautiful hair.

With over 30 years experience each, Mike and Glynis Hamel are international award winning hair dressers, having styled hair for some of the biggest fashion shows and international fashion weeks around the world, editorial photos shoots, film and music videos and have a wide range of celebrity clientele.

Glynis and Mike Hamel have trained internationally, Glynis trained by Vidal Sasson in London. Mike has been a member of the Australian Hairdressing team working on many shows demonstrating and also in Sydney fashion week. Glynis and Mike have worked on four fashion weeks in Auckland. They are the only salon outside of Auckland who have done so. Our team have been very fortunate to have been able to work on post production, movies and shows.

The hairdressing industry is a fast passed industry that is forever changing, so the only way to stay a head and be before the trend is by travelling. Glynis and Mike continue to go overseas so that they can learn and stay a head of whats going to happen in the future. At GM Hair we have a passion for natural products, so we use Mike Hair Care as it is carcinogenic free. All Mike Hair Care products are made in NZ, including all nz ingredients and fully developed in NZ. At GM Hair we pride ourselves as being a salon that cares not only for hair but for health. Our Attitude is always to be welcoming to our clients and always have a professional standard. also having highly trained staff we continue to keep in international standard.